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Make Believe…

This is Kennedy having her picture taken with her husband. He is right in the chair next to her. What you can’t see him???? She is such a goof ball.

Last Saturdays project
Brian and I finally got our bikes all fixed up and took them out for a nice evening ride. It was still nice and HOT!! It just doesn’t cool down much here. Just for the record…my hands were WAY more dirty and greasy than Brian’s after the bike fixin. I guess we all know who got to do the dirty work! Brian even told me that the bad thing about riding a bike was that I don’t look 7 months pregnant, just like I should ride my bike more! Not sure how I should take that!!!

Nursery Update for mom

While my parents were visiting I put my Dad to working painting over the stencil work I had done for Kennedy’s rocking chair. My Dad was a good sport he painted a shelf for me too. Anything, to keep mom and baby healthy. So, since then I have finished the stencil work on the chair and got the new cushions. I still need to add ties, but my Mom has been dying to see the pictures of the painting that I did. I think it turned out quite cute! The nursery is mostly a baseball theme, but here I decided to throw in a few other sports too! Sorry Bri, no tennis. Neon yellow or green just doesn’t work for me!

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  • Burke family

    That girl makes me laugh! And that boy too! Why don’t you just get out there and ride that belly away – does he not get that it doesn’t exactly work that way! Silly Bri! Your chair looks too cute! Have you put the bedding on his bed? Can’t wait to see it all put together. So cute!

  • ~SHERI

    Congrats on the boy! It seems like yesterday we were sitting at mutual talking about when we were going to have more kids…and wala…two boys! I dont mind at all that you looked at my blog…and commented! Hooray! I love them and you are the first! Do you have any names picked out? We don’t. It’s too hard! You look sooo great, by the way. Thanks to you I will NOT be putting up pregnancy pictures…haha. People keep asking me if it is twins…uh, it’s not…

  • Erich and Kara

    You need to post pics of the whole nursery. You are just so good at decorating. That chair is really cool. You are inspiring me since our nursery is sports theme too. Anyhow you look fabulous…hopefully you are feeling good as well. I’m impressed that you are out biking you wonder woman. I still remember seeing you work out in Moscow with Kennedy when you were like 8+ months pregnant and thinking wow…there’s one strong lady! Anyhow loved the update.

  • Janet

    I’m glad to see Kennedy hasn’t lost her imagination! I love the chair! You did a great jobn! It is so cute!! Can’t wait to see the little guy that goes in that cute nursery!

  • Tara

    VERY CUTE! How fun to be decorating for a boy now! And you are getting so close!!

  • Tara

    Sorry- I didn’t scroll up all the way! Kennedy is so cute! Better watch out!

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