Computers- LOVE AND HATE!

We called on the computer today and the guy said he hadn’t looked at it yet, but hoped to in the next few days. HELLO, it’s been sitting there for more than 2 weeks. Kennedy discovered curlers at the store the other day and has been into curly hair lately. I got her some sponge rollers and so we tried them out and took pictures. They especially look good when she does it.
Kennedy is pretty bummed that swim lesson are over, but we are still spending nearly everyday in our pool. Not to make you jealous Dad! Wish you could swim with us too!
I also just got the new Stephanie Meyer book “Breaking Dawn”. It is actually Brian’s book, but he already knows that I am going to read it first! He has been so busy at work. He spent all yesterday in trial. As a result I ended up dragging Kennedy with me to a ward council meeting. She discovered that it’s not near as neat as mutual. We got home at 9:00 (way past her bedtime) and Daddy was just getting home. She said to him, ” Daddy next time you need to be home so I don’t have to go with Mommy to your High Council room. It is hot, sweaty, and boring!” This is funny since she cries if Brian get home from work on time on Wednesdays, or doesn’t have his High Council meeting so I don’t have to take her with me to mutual. She is one silly girl!

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  • Shanna

    I remember that I loved going to mutual with my mom, too. It was so much more exciting than staying home. I loved hanging out with the big kids! So I can totally relate to Kennedy. You’ll have to let me know what you think of the book. So far a couple people told me they were disappointed. Oh well. I’ll still read it. Have fun!

  • Elise & Chad Ashby

    I have been wondering where you’ve been! Computer problems are a huge bummer! I want to see a picture of your cute prego belly.

  • Burke family

    Oh man! That stinks! I want to see pictures of little curly sue! She is definitely one girly girl.

  • Janet

    Wow!! Do those curlers ever bring back memories!! I loved the story about taking Kennedy to your meeting with you! That is too cute!! Seriously though, she is one good little girl! (most of the time) Grandma and Grandpapa sure do love and miss her!

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