Alive and Still kicking!

I decided that I better post something since it has been quite awhile for me. I have gotten word that a few people were starting to worry about me. No worries, we are great… baby and mom are healthy and doing wonderful. I will post a new prego picture when I can. We have been busy and having fun. My mom and dad and my sister and her baby came out to play with us and were here for the 4th of July. We played at the beach lots building sandcastles and jumping waves. We went canoing on the Blackwater River and stopped to play and picnic on the beaches along the way. We went to the Gulfarium and saw all the marine life. We also went on a dolphin watching cruise and got to see the dolphins in the Gulf right up close. Of course, I had to take my family out to the largest outlet mall ever!!! You can’t imagine this place and it’s so close to where we live! We celebrated the 4th on base with their freedom celebration and Brian was able to race in the cardboard boat race and win 3rd place. Then we celebrated the 4th with the city right on the sound. Awesome. Maybe even the best fireworks I have ever seen both nights! It was extra special with our family serving in Air Force now. We have lots of good friends that are deployed right now. We celebrated Katie and my aunt Chie’s birthdays! I was a busy and fun time!!!
Right after they left our new iMac bit the dust and took with it all my recently downloaded pictures. I am still waiting to get it back from the computer guy. So as soon as I get it back I will have tons of pictures to post.
I also just got called to be the Young Women’s President. I am terrified!! I am excited also though. I love the girls.
Today is Brian’s 29th birthday, so we are going to have a little party for him. Should be a good time!
Anyway, we are still alive and kicking!!!

Here’s all the pictures FINALLY

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  • callingallinglets

    I am not sure Brian ever got Matt and my comments. I am so hoping that he will comment back to us. If you did get his email you can contact him at
    Mine should come up.
    Congratulations on your church job. It is fun to be in the mission field. How many wards do they have in your area? Is it a airforce based ward? Thanks Roberta Inglet
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN. I remember the times when we would celebrate your birthday with a party.

  • Burke family

    Well, I still check your blog nearly every day hoping there will be something new cuz that would mean good news in the computer department… wishful thinking I guess, huh? I’m sorry you’re having such troubles. Hopefully it will be back soon! Love you guys!

  • milt

    Well if the computer doesn’t work at least you can still keep us informed. Congratulations on the call that will keep you busy if the little one doesn’t already. I am waiting for the pictures so I can be jealous.

  • Angie

    I’m glad your good, I honestly was worrying a little. I’m excited to see the prego pictures. What are you naming him? My in-laws Imac bit the dust too this last month. I’m a little worried about ours, I’m backing everything up right now!!! Good to hear from you!!

  • Shanna

    Hey there Nat! That should be a fun calling….and very busy! You’ll be so good at it, though. I’m sure the girls will just love you! Anyway, hope your computer gets fixed quick! Love you!

  • Sheldon

    Brian!!! – What’s up?! Thanks for dropping by our blog and giving a shout out. My sister Brittney up in Moscow ID had once told me that you and your family were in their ward while you finished up law school. Congratulations on your successful graduation! That’s awesome.

    I’ve enjoyed reading through your family blog -I was thoroughly impressed when I saw the pictures of Kennedy’s mad tennis skills. Like father like daughter I guess!
    I remember when I was your comp on the mission spending a hot August P-day afternoon sitting in the official’s perch as I watched you play a professional tennis player–I think he was from Manila? (Was he an investigator?) Do you remember that?

    Thanks for reconnecting man. Chidi tuhng leih king gai! We should take 10 minutes and catch up sometime.

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