Time is flying and I can hardly believe it! I think we have another active one on our hands. This little guy just kicks up a storm. I am starting to feel the stretch of the ribs and he likes to pinch my sciatic nerve a lot! I think it’s pretty obvious that I am pregnant these days, but we had a swim party with Brian’s work last Friday and they said,”I am confused.. I thought you said your wife is pregnant and you’re having a boy. ” For crying out loud people, I was wearing a maternity swim suit. It’s official I have broken out the pregnancy pants. OH WELL!

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  • Janet

    What a cute a picture!! Now you look may be 4 months not 6!!! I am going to have to have a talk with that baby and make sure he knows he needs to be growing BIG!!! Love you all tons and getting SOOOO!!! excited.

  • Amanda Jean

    Hey Brian- I mean Captn. High Councilman Brian, Sir! How are you? This is Matt Inglet, by the way. I found your blog by pure happenstance but I’m glad that I did. Sounds like you’ve been very busy and things are about to get even more crazy in a few months. Congrats on everyting you’ve been up to. I’m sorry that I didn’t find this a few months ago when you were in Boise- would have invited you guys over for dinner or something.

    Anyways, just wanted to say hi and tell you if you ever get a spare moment to drop me a line sometime.

    take care,

  • Tara

    Hey Nat this is Jer. You just look normal. Most people have a little belly (except in our family). We’re excited for you….See I do read your blog.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Brian, This is mama Inglet. I just wanted to let you know that we are delighted that Matt wandered into your blog and us too. I know Matt would love to hear from you, if you aren’t to busy for all of us. HAHHA.

    Your family is adorable and congratulations on your little boy. WOw, you and Matt are doing things backwards. First a girl then a boy for you and Matt is doing the opposite. I hope you wander in their blog at Ingletfamilyandcompany.blogspot.com.
    Good friends are such fun. Take care and congratulations. Roberta and Clark

  • Elise & Chad Ashby

    I don’t know much about pregnancy, but you look awesome!

  • Tara

    This is Tara now. You look very cute, as usual!

  • Abby

    Nat, Nat, Nat. I’d kill to look like you now, even at 23 weeks. I’m excited for you. Boys are fun!

  • Clyde Family

    Nicole (Wallevand) you have a cute family. Do your sisters have a blog? It is crazy how you can find people on this blog. YOur wife looks good.

  • Rick & Marianne

    Nothing’s changed…you look as cute and little as ever! I love all of Kennedy’s poses! She has grown up so much and looks so much like you! I’m glad you guys are doing well!

  • deannegalloway

    way to go. You’re on the downhill slope now! Can’t wait to see the little guy.

  • Sarah

    Um, if I didn’t love you so much I would want to punch you! You are THE cutest tiniest prego I have ever encountered and coming off an extra large belly, I can say that! Your fam is too darling, thrilled you’re getting a boy. what fun!

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