Sweet as sugar… most of the time!
Saturday I got Kennedy up from her “nap” to find red crayon scribbled all over two of her walls in her bedroom. I don’t keep crayons in her room, but she confessed that she hid them in there earlier with intentions of coloring in a coloring book, but couldn’t find one and thought the wall was the next best thing. Does this sound a little familiar mom??? At least I hadn’t just put up new wall paper in her bedroom. I am grateful for the wonder of the Magic Eraser also! The mess is all fixed and I hope she learned her lesson….probably not. She seems to think that some things are just worth the punishment!

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  • Burke family

    What a little stinker! But she’s just so dang cute! I’m so excited to come play with you! YEAH! We are definitely counting down the days.

  • Tara

    She is so cute though! She sure reminds me of her cousin. They need to get together more often (or maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea 🙂 )

  • Abby

    What a stinker! My kids are stinkers too, though, so I can relate. Congrats on the little boy joining the Calls!

  • Janet

    Hmm – That sounds very familiar!! You have my deepest sympathy and some day you can give Kennedy yours!! 🙂

  • Katyanne

    i am sorry to say that it actually makes me happy to hear this! i’m terrible!!!! my kids just wont stop doing that and I can’t figure out a way to stop them. its sort of nice to know others are going through the same thing….also nice to hear kennedy isn’t as perfect as she seems. 🙂 but still tooooo perfect

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