We’re having a BOY!!!!

We had our ultrasound today and we are thrilled to be having a little boy! We are so happy now that we will have one of each. Kennedy has been praying for a little brother and was thrilled to find out. However, after thinking about it she told me, “Mommy, I think I changed my mind. I want a baby sister.” I told her she couldn’t change her mind. She told me, “But a brother won’t be able to wear my cute baby clothes.” I told her that was true, but that we would just have to go shopping for some cute baby boy things. She squealed with delight and I think she is fine now!

This is my 20 weeks picture. The belly is growing and the baby looked healthy and strong on the ultrasound.
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  • Rebecca

    Hooray! That’s so exciting! Having Kyler after Shay was the best, you guys will have so much fun. Congrats! I’ll bet Brian was jumping up and down 😉

  • Burke family

    Woohoo! We’re so excited for you! I love the baby bump. You’re too cute! Love ya!

  • Eaton Five

    Congratulations! A Boy a Boy! We have wished at times that we could say that at times.

  • Angie

    YEAH!!! Boys are fun!!! I’m glad to see you finally have a baby bump. You look BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Erich and Kara

    Wowzers girl you are one impressively beautiful pregnant woman…I can’t believe how much bigger I am than you for only being a few weeks further along! Your little bump is so adorable.
    I’m so excited that you are having a baby boy!!! One of each, how perfect. I laughed pretty hard and Kennedy’s “changing her mind” story. She is always saying interesting stuff. very fun. Well CONGRATS!

  • Brandy

    CONGRATS! You look so tiny! I looked full term at 20 weeks (well.. almost that big!) I guess that’s definately a benefit of being tall! :o) You look great!

  • Chance and Beth

    Congratulations! Didn’t Kennedy go through a stage, even before you left Moscow, telling everyone that you we’re having a boy? That is so great!

  • Rachel

    CONGRATULATIONS! If he looks anything like his sister he will be adorable!

  • Tara

    Yeah!! We’re so excited for yall! And you look cute as ever!

  • New Mexican Youngs

    Congratulations! That is so exciting. I’m kinda partial to the girl and boy set-up; it’s fun! You look fantastic, too! I’m sure Kennedy is going to be a fabulous older sister. She looks so old, I can’t believe it! Glad to hear things are going so well!

  • Jeff and Lea

    Hey that is great! One of each. Kennedy is too cute. She will be a great big sis. Your baby bump is way cute. You look great!

  • Janet

    We are way excited!! We seem to be in a big blue trend lately!!! Too fun!

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