Terry Howie

Kennedy is pretty happy since Terry Howie has a new Air Force uniform. The only problem is that the uniform is supposed to have black patent leather shoes also. Silly girl! She thinks it’s pretty neat. I also got a pair of pajamas sewn for Terry Howie. Kennedy is on to the next project for him. She thinks mom can sew anything!

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  • Janet

    That is so cute!!! I am glad you are getting some use out of those patterns! I thought it was pretty fun and not very hard sewing for your Cabbage Patch dolls! Just time consuming!! You are a good Mom!!!

  • Burke family

    Is that Bri’s old cabbage patch? That’s cute! I see you’re making time somewhere for a few craft projects of your own. Good for you!

  • Zachary

    Okay, I’m not one for leaving comments on blogs, but Brian… Do I know Terry Howie?

  • bc call

    Well Zach, you may have been there to console me when I left Terry Howie at my grandparents house for a week. But I can’t remember if he’s the same doll we dangled out my sun roof on occasion during our late night drives around town…or was that a leg we hung out the window? I don’t remember.

  • bc call

    Oh yes Zach, I also forgot that you may be confused since Terry’s real name back then was “Brian Terry Howie.” I sent in to Cabbage Patch to get his name permanently changed. I have the certificate to prove it.

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