More beach and water fun!

Saturday we spent the afternoon at the beach. We had a great time. We bought a body board and all had a great time jumping and riding the waves.

Kennedy loves her sand toys. We got them on clearance in Pocatello before we moved. I guess they thought no one would need them in November. We have gotten lots of use out of them. Baby J, if you want you can come dig in our sand too!

A day shy of 17 weeks. Still braving the swimsuit. Trust me I will the whole pregnancy. I could be a beached whale and still don it. It has been hitting the 90’s and very humid here. Kennedy and I spend a lot of time in our pool or at the beach.

My hot surfer dude. When I married Bri he was a blond tan hottie and fit the surfer mold even more. Little did I know… it was all out of a bottle! I like to tease him about this!

I was watering our garden and Kennedy kept telling me to make it rain, so when I finished watering we set the sprinkler up and she had a great time. She would run in and get throughly soaked. Then she would run out and yell “Red Rover!” I have no idea! I just laughed!

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  • Janet

    Yep, I definately see a baby bump! Looks like the beaches are getting a bit more crowded!

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