Best of Both worlds!

I just love that Kennedy enjoys kicking the ball one minute and changing her babies dirty diapers the next. My sweetie is all girl! We had to come up with another outfit that would be perfect for playing soccer and tennis. This is what we came up with. Uncle Chris will be happy to know that it is Nike to match the ball! She thought it did the trick and was being quite the cheese. Lately she has taken up hitting her soft ball and playing Barbie all day! She doesn’t much care for getting sweaty though! If any of you know me too well that should just make you giggle! Tuesday we had our first swim lesson and she did great. I though she was going to explode with energy before the teacher showed up at the house. Too cute!

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  • Zach 'n' Jack

    she gets cuter EVERY day!!! I love that she has to have a coordinated outfit – hilarious!!

  • Janet

    She is one interesting little character!!! I miss that spunky little girl!! The “Hello Kitty” sunglasses give that ensemble just the right touch for any outdoor activity!! Kisses for Kennedy from Grandma and Grandpapa!!!

  • Burke family

    Oh so cute! I can just picture her anticipating the arrival of her teacher. You’ve gotta do a video of her swimming for us. Give her smoochies from Aunt Katie and Baby J.

  • Tara

    Go, Kennedy! That’s awesome! She’s going to be beating me before she’s 5!

  • Janet

    Grandpa wants to flip those lips!!! šŸ™‚

  • Jeff and Lea

    Happy Mother’s Day Natalie! Hope you have a great day.

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