These are a few of our favorite things!

We have been enjoying more warmth and sun at the beach. You all may be sick of the beach posts, but we seriously love to go to the beach. It’s a goal to be there at least once a week! What can I say, it’s just one of our favorite things. It’s relaxing and just pure fun.

This is brave I know! A swimsuit picture. Can you believe me??? I am 15 weeks.
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  • Burke family

    and skinny as ever!!!! You make me sick! 🙂

  • Stephen & Jill Williams

    I think you’re trying to make us all jealous! Of both the warm weather and your skinny bod. I went for a jog today in 30 DEGREE TEMPERATURE brrr! That’s in an effort to make my bod skinnier!

  • Janet

    Looks so fun!!! Can’t wait! I hope you are looking pregnant soon or I may think this is all a hoax!!! Love to you all!!!

  • Erica

    I LOVED reading all your posts that I haven’t read lately! I love catching up, reading one after another. And, by the way-you don’t look pregnant AT ALL! Jealous over here! (no, I’m not pregnant, but i still don’t look like that in a suit…life’s not fair!). Kennedy is so cute and tell Brian congrats! Those are some awesome honors!!!! Keep posting! I love reading!

  • Rebecca

    No actually I can’t believe it… I’m 15 weeks as well and my swimsuit and I are no longer friends.

  • Zach 'n' Jack

    If I could be so gorgeous at 15 weeks, and still want to get in a swimsuit? Ahhhh, I am green with envy. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

  • Tara

    I only can tell you are pregnant because I know what you look like otherwise! You and Jeremey make me sick! 🙂 Ethan found the baby picture intrigueing. He was wondering if that’s what he looked like when he was in my tummy, too. 🙂

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