Kick like a girl… the rules have changed!

Kennedy has been training hard to get the skills she needs to play soccer like her cousins Makayla and Malia.  She is really looking forward to when she gets bigger and can play too.  I just can’t believe how fast she is growing up!  Daddy thinks she is just trying to prove that he doesn’t need a boy since he wants our next one to be a boy pretty bad.  After they kicked the ball around for a while  last night, she decided that she needed to take him down!  It was all good ’till she discovered a cut on her hand.   Then we needed a hello kitty bandage immediately.  It made Brian and I laugh that she made the comment, “It’s so much easier to kick the ball when I am wearing the right outfit.”  She was thrilled that her shirt said Adidas Girl.  Sorry Uncle Chris, but it was cute.  She is such a spunky girlie girl!

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  • Chance and Beth

    I love that she wants to be tough and play soccer, but is still so girly with the skirt and the hello kitty!!

  • Burke family

    We’ll forgive you on the outfit, but i’d recognize that ball from anywhere! I love her being rough and tumble in her own little girly way! What a girl! She is growing up way too fast!

  • Janet

    Hmm…Let see who was it that was such a good runner – but hated that it made her sweat and then her hair went flat?! Too funny!!!

  • Janet

    Every time I look at these pictures it makes me laugh! She totally has her Mommy’s “Gumby” arms!!! 🙂

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