Graduation Festivities

We have completed another big step in our career ambitions with the Air Force. This weekend Brian graduated from the Judge Advocate School. This was a long 9 weeks apart and tons of hard work and dedication on Brian’s part. By the way, being a single parent is not fun! We are so proud of you Brian (In a humble way)!
Brian graduated with the honors flight and won the Commandant’s Cup for physical fitness excellence. He is just slightly competitive and loved every competition they had. Just don’t bring up softball whatever you do! As part of the graduation and awards ceremony, they played a slide show to God Bless the USA. It would have made you cry! Awesome. The last picture is of Brian and I at the dining out. This is a fancy formal dinner with all sorts of strict rules. One of which was that you couldn’t go to the bathroom. Hello, I am pregnant!!! We had such a great time. So many great memories. For all of you out there that wanted to see my pregnant belly, there you go! It’s not very big, but I am thick enough that I felt like a stuffed sausage in the dress. The dress fit differently than it did when I tried it on the week prior. By the end of the week I was a little worried I might have nothing to wear to the dining out! Notice it is the same dress in the picture at the top of the blog. I was much thinner and weighed less too! Not to mention that I actually have a chest now! Okay, don’t want to make anyone blush out there!

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  • Stephen & Jill Williams

    You’re right, not much of a pregnant belly! You look gorgeous! Congratulations to Brian, and good luck pursuing the Air Force!

    Hey, are you still in Pocatello? We’ll be living in Grace (45 minutes south) for a while until we find a house in Logan. I’d love to get together one afternoon for a play date with you and Kennedy!

  • Natalie

    We are living in Florida. Can you believe it??? Ahhh it would be awesome to see you again.

  • Burke family

    You crack me up! Seriously, I cannot stop laughing. Stuffed sausage… not hardly! You are too cute! Congrats Bri – we’re proud of you too!

  • Rachel

    Uh yeah…aren’t you prego? You look like a skinny minny in the blue dress. Seriously. I see NO bump. Not even a smige!

  • Zach 'n' Jack

    you’ve got to be kidding me – I can hardly tell ANY difference between the two pictures! You are still so skinny!! But so gorgeous to boot šŸ™‚ Congrats to Brian, and hope you are feeling better soon! Glad you are finally a complete family again!

  • Janet

    Way to go Bri! We are proud of you too! You look very handsome in your uniforms. Thanks for letting us all see that you do not even look pregnant yet Nat!! Why have you been hiding? I think you have lost your miniscule waist and that is it! Where are you hiding that baby?? I love the twinner outfits! So cute. You are letting her get way too big!! Thanbks for getting the pictures up before we left for Texas!! So fun! Hugs and kisses for all of you beach bums!!

  • Eaton Five

    Congrats on all of the hard work and accomplishments. It sounds like you have had some wonderful opportunities. You are right a no bathroom rule when you are pregnant and eating . . . whatever.

  • Tara

    I wish I looked like that when I was pregnant! (or even not pregnant šŸ™‚ ) Congratulations to Brian and you for surviving these past few months!

  • Ted and Annette

    I would say we could compare bellies, but that would be way too embarassing for me! You look great, hope you are feeling better.

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