I Love Spring!

Kennedy was being very silly for pictures this day.  I thought she looked very sweet and springy though in this outfit.  It is really nice that spring is here.  I love it.  Here in Florida the weather was nice this winter, but now we have new flowers that have appeared for us to admire.  We are excited to have a little garden this year.  I have discovered that we can garden year-round here.  That should be nice.  We are also excited to start using our pool this month!  YEAH!  I’ve already had a few days I wished we could have used it.  Fun times!

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  • Janet

    Very silly but oh so cute!! I am amazed at how long her hair is! Kisses for Grandma’s sweet girl!

  • Zach 'n' Jack

    ahhh SO CUTE!!!! And in case I haven’t mentioned it….I am so jealous of your nice weather 🙂 When can we come visit?

  • Natalie

    Anytime you want!!!

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