Easter was nice.  Daddy had to go to Niceville for his high council assignment, so we didn’t get to go to the same ward together for church.  Kennedy thought it was great and had the story of the resurrection down pat.  She taught it to her babies like 30 times by the end of the day.  We had dinner and then it was time for dad to head back to Alabama.  Kennedy looked very sweet in her Easter dress from Grandma and Grandpapa Hatt.  Thanks!  

Just a cute little story from church.  Kennedy’s Sunbeam teachers adore her and told her that they were going to take her home with them.  She looked at them and said, “My mom and dad would miss me.  Besides I just have this dress.”  They told her they could go shopping and she said, “I already have lots of cute clothes at home that I want to wear!”  That’s my girl!!!!
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  • Janet

    She looks like a sweet little princess! Dang! Grandma and Grandpapa have good taste! 🙂 Her hair is getting sooo long!!!So where is a picture of Mommy?! Are you hiding?

  • Burke family

    What a doll! She looks sooooo cute! Ditto, on where’s the mommy picture? You know what we want to see, come on now!

  • Tara

    She is beautiful! That’s so sweet that she taught her babies the resurrection story, too.

  • Annette and Ted

    Kennedy has grown! It is nice to be able to check in with you guys! And I am so jealous of the beach!

  • The Sandbergs

    Niceville? For real? That is a funny name for a town.

    Kennedy is a doll as usual. You are in trouble with that one. Brian is going to have to get a shotgun to keep all the boys away!

  • Camile

    I can’t believe how long Kennedy’s hair is…(and how short Carly’s is!) I love the story of her Sunbeam teachers – what personality! Does Kennedy have very many friends her age in your neighborhood and ward? I hope that there are kids my girls’ age when we move, because they have been so spoiled with lots of friends here. That’s cute that Kennedy told her babies the Easter Story – she’ll be a great big sister some day!

  • Raymond

    Did you make up this place called Niceville? 🙂 It is still kind of crazy for me to imagine Brian as an HC but I’m sure he’s perfect for the job. And what a cute but funny girl and a beautiful family that you have.

  • Natalie

    I know, I know! Niceville is a real place. It seems made up for a movie like Stepford Wives or Pleasantville. When we moved here we looked for a house there, but decided it was too far from the base. It is very “Nice”! 😉

  • Chance and Beth

    What a princess! She is getting so big!

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