Beach Time! This was a new kind of Easter for us!

It was a wonderful weekend for our family. Daddy was able to sneak away from Alabama and come play with us. We set out Saturday not sure where our adventure would take us. We should have known we would end up at the beach. I always keep the sand toys in my car. We told ourselves that we would just play in the sand and not get wet, but who can resist!!??
It all started as digging a tiny little hole with her shovel and bucket.
Then the hole grew bigger…

and bigger…

Then she sunk herself down inside the hole
and buried herself with a little help from daddy. It was pretty funny to watch. We have buried Daddy before, but it was all her idea to cover herself all up in sand. The girl loves the beach! Her favorite things in life: the beach, talking, and her babies!

We decided that we were just going to dip our toes in the water.  Kennedy loves to run from the waves.   I rolled up her capris to try to keep them dry.  HA HA HA!
It took about 2 seconds and Kennedy was dragging Daddy out further and further.  He was still trying in vain to keep pretty dry.  
We gave up and took Kennedy’s soggy pants off.  They were too heavy to stay up anyways at this point.  She flip the sand around laughing and giggling. 
I thought the polka dot peek a boo was pretty cute!?  
Covered in sand head to toe.  I think we will have our own beach in our bath tub at home now after this!  Next time we leave the house we will take our swim suits for sure!  Silly us!


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  • Janet

    So fun!! You know how to make us jealous, don’t you!! Kennedy is a true beach bum like her grandma – you gotta LOVE it! Daddy acts like he thinks the water is still a bit chilly in the video clip and that sand throw was very wussy!! What are they teaching him in Alabama anyways? Love you all!!

  • Burke family

    oh man, so fun!! When do I get to come visit, Seriously! I’m a beach bum too!

  • bc call

    I really don’t have any excuses Grandma for the wussy sand toss. I was just waiting for the next wave to knock Kennedy over and wash her out to sea. Undoubtedly it’s nearly impossible to match Kennedy’s energy level. She makes me look like I’m a real party pooper in the video, but I promise that my shorts didn’t stay dry for much longer.

    That was such a fun day!

  • Tara

    How sweet! Kennedy is so grown up and as sweet as her Mom is! I love how she gave Brian some sand to throw too!

  • Janet

    Good “closing arguments” Bri – so THAT’s what they’re teaching you in Alabama!! Tee Hee! I agree Kennedy’s energy level is hard to match – especially when she is so excited about Dady being home to play with her!!!

  • Angie

    That looks like so much fun.

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