Little Mommy!

All day, every day, we live in an imaginary world.  It is Kennedy’s favorite thing to pretend.  She always has a billion kids and grandkids too.  She takes all of them everywhere we go.  Sometimes I wonder if this is healthy.  She is so sweet and loves to play mommy.  She even has a huge bear that she carries around all day pretending it’s her baby brother.  It’s pretty cute. We have a fun time.

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  • Janet

    Cute pictures of the little mommy! Don’t forget when she’s not mommy – she’s the doctor!! And boy do they get sick a lot!! Tee Hee!! So cute!!!

  • Rebecca

    How cute is that! Shayla never caught on to the doll thing… instead Shayla pretending consists of her (and me and Kyler of course) acting like various animals and ruining all the knees in her pants!

  • Tara

    What a sweetheart! She’ll be such a great big sis and mommy some day! We hope you are surviving without Brian and understand how hard that is. We love yall and you are in our prayers!

  • Erich and Kara

    That’s pretty sweet that she loves to play you! Just goes to show that you do a great job!

  • New Mexican Youngs

    Kennedy really is the cutest. I think it’s darling she totes her “kids” around. Sage’s stuffed dog has been on many errands. I hope things are going well with Brian away. We’re thinking of you!

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