Mardi Gras Fun!

We went to Seaside to have a little fun before daddy left.  Yes, I am playing a little catch up, but oh well! They were having Mardi Gras Celebrations, so Kennedy made a fun little mask and they had a children’s parade.  We now have truck loads of colored beads to play dress up with.  

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  • Burke family

    oh man, she is too cute! I love her sitting on the bench with her arms folded – looking like the sweetest little girl in the world…. but we all know she’s full of spunk and mischief too, under that darling little exterior! 🙂

  • Jeff and Lea

    Wow, she is growing up so fast. What a cutiepie!

  • Janet

    How fun!! What a little diva!! I especially love the feathers. So very “POSH”!!! OOO LA LA

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