Things to love about Daddy!

We love you daddy!  We are just missing you!  Thought these were kind of cute pictures! I was talking with Kennedy about what she loves about her daddy and these are some of the things she came up with:

“I love that he gave me ice cream. I love hugging him.  Loving him.  I love teasing him and he loves to tease me.  I love to take him down, but he usually takes me down first. I love that daddy’s camo BDU matches Terry Howie’s.  My daddy is handsome and strong.  He’s so strong he can pick me up.  I love to go to the beach and cover him in the sand.  I love to make no bake cookies with him. I love my Daddy.”  
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  • Janet

    So cute!! I bet Daddy misses his girls BIG time too! Hugs and Kisses ! Love Grandma

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