Okay, so I have been chastised  for my latest blog posts by my sister.  Apparently they haven’t been cute enough!  To my defense… we got an iMac and I have been trying to figure out how to do stuff on it.  We love it, but it’s different.

Last week we had Grandma here to play with us, and I realized that we just didn’t take that many pictures, so here’s what I could find from our adventures.  What would be a trip to Florida without visiting the beach??
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  • Burke family

    Hey now! It’s not about cuteness or even interesting things – it’s been fun to see all about what’s happening with life and pics you’ve found on the internet… it’s about the fact that any picture without my Kennedy girl in it just isn’t nearly as cute or exciting! Thanks for posting new pictures of my favorite subject.

  • Natalie

    You’re so funny!!!! I know! I am glad you think she is precious too! We adore your little guy too! Wish we were there to share in the fun also!

  • Burke family

    You know Grandma always likes pictures of Kennedy! We were just so busy having fun we forgot to take the camera!!!

  • Burke family

    p.s. that was grandma posting! 🙂 She’s pretty good with the computer you know! Hee hee

  • Burke family

    These people that log in to my computer are a nuisance!!!

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