Alex Boye and our Misc. adventures

Last night our stake had the chance to have Alex Boye come and perform for us.  It was really fun.  What a neat and talented guy.  He has overcome a lot in his life and chosen a better road for himself.  It was fun especially since we are out of the loop that we were in when we were living in Idaho and Utah.  I was especially pleased since one of my favorite songs is “I can only imagine”.  I think it is just beautiful.  It was really nice to have a feel good night with my hubby.  We’ve been blessed to have him with us the last few days.  The JAGs came down from Alabama to tour our base since it is a Special Operations base and some really cool and different things go on down here. We are a bit sad to send him back again today.  7 more weeks in Alabama… and we are DEFINITELY counting!  Alex Boye dedicated a song last night to all those that are serving us and our country.  It was really neat.  The military life is an interesting one. Very rewarding.  Our church ward is very close since you have so many people deployed or TDY.  Lots of moms and kids with no dads.  Even some moms are gone too.  We kind of watch out for each other.  We’ve met some really neat people and made some good friends.  We feel so blessed to be here and know that we are were we are supposed to be right now.

Grandma and Nanny were also able to spend a week with us.  They thought it was a nice break from the cold winter of Idaho.  We had fun sail boating, shopping, going to the beach, and just playing in general.  I will post some pictures of our adventures soon.
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  • Erich

    Sorry about the several week separation…my heart goes out to you and Brian. At least you had a little company that always helps. Anyhow Congrats on the new washing machine. That is one of the first appliances Erich and I bought when we moved in and I have LOVED it ever since. Happy Washing.


  • Janet

    Miss you!!

  • Tara

    I’m so sorry you have to be apart. You know we understand. That’s great that your ward is so wonderful. I would have gone crazy these past few months if it weren’t for the great friends here in Wylie. We love y’all and keep you in our prayers.

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