Our Hero!

When we moved in December our washer had damage to it during the move.  We finally went through the paper work with the Air Force and got someone to look at it.  It has been leaking water all over the floor since the movers hooked it up and it doesn’t agitate worth a darn.  So, the appliance guy came out and looked at it and told me it was totaled.  Unfortunately, we moved a few weeks too soon, so we don’t get full replacement, but t hat’s another story. The appliance guy said, “It’s definitely been dropped or mishandled.” So, we went shopping and this is my new one Brian let me get.  I love it.  The men delivered it today and Kennedy just kept telling the men, “You’re my Mommy’s hero.”  It is true.  Out of the mouth of babes.  So you all know what I am doing this afternoon.  LOADS… and LOADS!  At least it’s kind of fun since my washer is REALLY cool!

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  • The Sandbergs

    Ohhhhh…I am coveting. I want a front loader.

  • Angie

    Very nice!! I can’t believe you haven’t been able to do laundry for that long.

  • Rebecca

    Oh happy day … I can’t wait to get a front loading washer! Right now mine is from around 1970 (if that) and it leaks water half the time 🙁 Oh, and also, it’s in my kitchen. No, seriously… my microwave literally resides on top of my dryer!

  • Sarah

    Of course I remember you silly goose! How’s my Nat Hatt doing anyway? Love the washer and love the beach shot…looks lovely there. I have a good high school friend in Vero Beach. I hope you are surviving without your hubby. let’s keep in touch.

    do you ever hear from Lisa?

  • Erika & Jason Allred

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog site. It doesn’t seem like that long since you were here in Moscow. I can’t believe how big Kennedy is getting! I hope that you are enjoying Florida.

  • Tara

    Yeah!! Life must be looking a lot better now!

  • Jeff and Lea

    Hey Calls, just stopping by to let you know you guessed my girls incorrect. A lot of people did, so don’t feel bad. Great new appliance. That must feel great to have a brand new washer. Kennedy is so cute. Sorry you all got so sick. Hope everything is better now.

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