I Love Jane Austen!

My sister-in -law Tara had this on her blog! Thanks Tara. This was lots of fun. I love Jane Austen anything! Good times. I think I fit this quite well actually. If I can say that!? Who are you?

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

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  • Tara

    Yeah! I can see the similarities in you and Lizzie. My sister was Elizabeth Bennet, too, and I told her that if I could CHOOSE to be like any of the Jane Austen heriones it would be Lizzie. I’ve been watching alot of those movies with Jer being gone! Fun stuff!

  • New Mexican Youngs

    Ok, that quiz is hilarious. Jacob was rolling his eyes at me the whole time. Way fun. If you’re still on an Austen kick, I read a book called Austenland by Shannon Hale recently. It’s pretty cute for all of us who swoon over Colin Firth. Anyway, since you always have such cute ideas, I’m trying to track down some family home evening ideas on reverence? Any ideas if you get a sec? Thanks. And by the way, I am still so jealous of that beach! Glad you’re having fun! Morgan

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