Official Beach Bum!

Brian’s family came to visit and we had to take them to the beautiful white sand beaches. I have been getting into photography a little more (just as a hobby). I am toying with the idea of getting a really nice SLR camera (sometime in the probably distant future- unfortunately). Anyway, I’ve been playing with my point and shoot camera a bit more on the manual mode. It’s been lots of fun. I thought that I took a very beautiful picture of the beach (if i can say so myself). It was a perfect day at the beach- 70 degrees and nice and sunny! I was so much fun. We even saw two dolphins swimming in the waves not very far off the shore. Kennedy ran for miles and miles along the shore… NO KIDDING.

Grandma Call, Kennedy, & Daddy

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  • Burke family

    You sure do like to make me jealous, don’t you? We’re covered in snow … without a snow shovel even, because every store within 30 miles is al sold out! Sure, just keep on telling me about that 70 degree weather and the beautiful beaches. 🙂

  • Janet

    Ditto for me!! I am sick and tired of Idaho’s cold, wind, and snow!! BRRR!!! Unfortunately we do have several snow shovels – and I’m tired of using them.

  • Natalie

    We have a shovel that we don’t need!!!

  • Janet

    Ha! Ha! Aren’t you just so very funny!! We love you all anyways – even if you are cruel!!

  • Rebecca

    Natalie, Wow we would love to go to the beach. Last winter we went to the beach a lot, but we finally gave up when we realized it just isn’t warm in Northern California in the winter. I guess we better move to Florida.

  • The Sandbergs

    Natalie, that is a fantastic picture of the beach! I love the sun flare. Great capture. 🙂

  • Tara

    So beautiful! Thanks so much for your phone call yesterday! I enjoyed talking to you. It’s fun to read the comments between you and your mom and sister 🙂

  • Aaron and Camile Family

    Your pictures are awesome – so pretty! How lucky to have a beach right there!

  • Jeff and Lea

    Natalie, the photos are wonderful. You do a good job. That beach is so beautiful. What a great place to live! That would be so awesome to see wild dolphins swimming in the ocean. Hopefully while we are here in Oregon we’ll see whales.

  • Erich

    That picture is impressive! Those beaches look so enticing. You picked the right winter to escape away to sunny Florida! Looks like Kennedy likes the beach too. Glad you had fun with family.


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