Time for a change! aka DADDY’S A GENIUS!

Kennedy has been just a little too anxious to wake up for the day. Yes, she is chatting at full speed by 5:30 am. She wakes up and is very beautiful, but has dark circles under her eyes. She just isn’t getting enough sleep. Brian and I have been trying to think of every possible thing we can do to get her to sleep longer. Okay, so we just really need to sleep longer! Finally Brian came up with the idea that she gets to have a clock and we teach her to tell time. She was all excited and squealed, “I get to use Daddy’s old fashioned clock!” We thought that was pretty cute. So, last night before bed we pulled out the clock and showed her what 7 was. She can count and we showed her where the 7 needed to be to wake up. We hoped it would work, but weren’t sure. Daddy is a genius because 7:00 on the dot she starts to call for mommy. She woke up so sweet, sparkly and no dark circles yeah! She told us, “I tried to talk to my dolly, but she just couldn’t understand.” We are all well rested and very happy!

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  • Burke family

    What a great idea! Do you think Jordan could tell time yet? He’s been doing the same thing lately. Ugh! WOuldn’t it be nice to just sleep in one day!

  • Tara

    Ethan & Kennedy are too much alike! He went through a long stage of doing that, too and had the biggest circles under his eyes.

  • Janet

    Daddy IS a genius – good thing Kennedy is too, cuz not too many 3 year olds can tell time!!


    That was an adorable story! I laughed out loud about the “old fashioned” clock. That’s hilarious.

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