Can you even imagine??? Brian’s parents Bishop and his wife were babysitting their 1 year old-almost 2 years- grandchild while the parents were gone on a business trip/vacation. The child came down with what seemed to be a cold or something, so Grandma stayed home with the child on Sunday. The Bishop got called out of church. You know how people start to wonder. Especially when there are ambulances and police cars at their house on the way home from church. Come to find out, Grandpa checked on the baby at 6:00am before leaving for church. The child slept a really long time, so finally the grandma went in to check on the child at about 9:00 am and the baby was dead. It made me just want to cry. Can you imagine what those grandparents are feeling? They had to tell the parents that their baby is dead. By Sunday evening the parents and other siblings were almost already in Idaho Falls, Idaho. They will obviously do an autopsy on the baby and have more answers after that hopefully. What a horrible thing to have happen. Give your little ones extra hugs today, and be sure you tell them you love them. You never know when their time on earth might be up. The plus side is that we know this little baby is in Heaven with Heavenly Father. Please pray for this family.

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  • Zach 'n' Jack

    oh Natalie, that is AWFUL. Almost made my heart stop when I read it, and then I ran out to check on my babies….Our prayers are with them. I am so thankful for the gospel and knowing that the family will one day be with their sweet baby again.

  • Janet

    That is every grandparent’s worst nightmare come true!! You are protective of your own children but I think you are even more protective of your grandchildren!!

  • Aaron and Camile Family

    I still get nervous when Carly and Ellie over sleep – what a nightmare. So sad! I feel blessed that I still have both of my girls and that I have the gospel so that if I ever did lose one of them I would know where they are.

  • The Sandbergs

    Oh that is so terrible. It just makes me want to cry. I can’t imagine losing one of my babies. When Mia was so sick I thought my world would end if we lost her. I just can’t imagine what those poor parents and grandparents must be feeling. I’m sick for them.

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