Family Home Evening

Just thought it would be fun. For family night we learned about when Jesus was baptized. These are our beautiful pictures we drew.

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  • Janet

    What talent!! Now I know where Kennedy gets it! I LOVED the pictures she drerw for us! I had to take them to Boise to show Katie. I am not buying any more polka dot skirts for a klong time though!!

  • Aaron and Camile Family

    I love the art work. You should post some of your FHE lesson ideas, we haven’t been as good about doing planned lessons lately.

    The alarm clock idea in your last post is so great! We actually do that for Carly for her quiet time, but I hadn’t thought to do it for morning time. (Although it’s Ellie that has the hard time sleeping past 7am and she is probably a bit young to try this on.) Just curious – Does Kennedy still take naps?

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