Our New House

We just love our new house and our neighborhood. Our house was built in the 1950’s, but has been remodeled on the inside and outside. It is a nice quiet neighborhood down along the water. Most of our neighbors are older couples, but they have all been very warm and welcoming. We love it here!

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  • Angie

    It’s such a cute Natalie house!!! Being alone takes some getting use to, but you really learn how to be a close family. I’m so jealous of the beach and warm weather. I love Denver weather but I just want to sit on the beach!!!!

  • Zach 'n' Jack

    awww, so cute!! I bet you are loving being able to make it your very own – and MAN i am jealous of the pool and being so close to the beach! Awesome! I can’t wait to talk Zach into coming and visiting you guys! It would be SOOO much fun!

  • Natalie

    PLEASE DO! That would make Kennedy’s year!

  • Wendy

    Your house looks so cute! I love that you have a pool. That will be so fun. I am glad you guys are doing well and having so much fun. I cannot believe how big Kennedy has gotten. I am glad things are slowing down. It always drives me crazy when things are so hectic that you don’t have time to enjoy the important things.

  • Janet

    I want pictures of the inside – but really I guess I don’t care cuz I’m gonna see it for real in a month!!! Yea!!

  • Natalie

    Definitely not my dream house, except for the pool. It’s a too boxy for my taste, but we really love the area and the location. We have a great neighborhood. I love the palm trees too. We also have a separate garage in the back which is nice.

  • Erich

    Your house is so adorable and that pool!!! I mjust admit I am jealous…it’s been freezing here in Idaho. While you’ll be chilling at the beach and the pool Erich and I will be freezing be out snowshoeing in the bitter cold. At any rate I didn’t know you were moving. Are you still in FL just in a house now?
    Well I love the pictures…and genius move with the clock I can’t imagine getting woke up at 5:30 every morning.

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