Date Night

Last night Brian and I got out for our first official “date” since Kennedy joined our family. We paid the babysitter and went out to see the movie I am Legend with Will Smith. We can’t afford to do that too often. Kids are expensive, and so are movies. I thought the best word to describe the movie is “intense’.
It was certainly action packed, but I would consider it even a horror movie. Mom, you would be wetting your pants! I enjoyed it, but I think that Brian’s hand was without circulation for the entire movie. It was fun also to double with my aunt and uncle who live here in Fort Walton Beach. When the show was done we all looked at each other and said, “WOW!” I don’t want to say too much, since I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. If you’re looking for a thriller, it’s crazy!!

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  • Janet

    Okay – so you know how much Dad and I would have liked to make that a triple date!!! You know how we hate when people have fun without US. Who did you get to babysit. One of your YW or one of the Henry girls?

  • Natalie

    The youngest Henry. She’s 12 or 13. Kennedy thought it was so cool that a cheerleader was going to babysit her. She was a little disappointed when she found out she wasn’t a BYU cheerleader. The babysitter told Kennedy that one of her goals is to become a BYU cheerleader, and that seemed good enough for Kennedy. She also said it was the easiest babysitting job she has ever had.

  • Burke family

    I hear you on that whole babysitting thing. Man, I wish I got paid that much back when I was babysitting… it sure does make it expensive to go on dates…. not to mention I’m still so paranoid about leaving Jordan in anyone else’s hands. 🙂 We’re hoping we can have the good ol’ grandma babysitter sometimes now that we’ll be seeing more of her!

  • The Sandbergs

    Juston and I went to see that movie. Intense is the perfect word to describe it. We loved it!

  • Tara

    thanks. merrrrrrrrrrryy chrissssstmasss. hhello kennedyy. loovee, ethan

  • Tara

    We sure had a lot to catch up on! You have had some fun memories lately. Those pictures of the beach are gorgeous!!! We want to come visit so bad! And the dress you made for Kennedy is adorable. You two could almost be twins! I’m sorry I missed your call Sunday. I would have loved to talk with you. We were in Houston but I will definetly call you back soon. We love yall!

  • Aaron and Camile Family

    We saw it too – over Christmas break. Totally Freaky! Not my type of movie. It was really well made and interesting, but soooo scary!

    I can’t believe that was your first date since Kennedy was born! Wow! That’s something that we have enjoyed about Moscow is that there is always someone to trade kids with you for date nights (or the couples in the ward without kids, but who want to pretend for an evening). We should have traded with you guys while you were here.

    I’m so glad that you have this blog – otherwise we probably would have lost each other!

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