We thought it was FUNNY!

Part of the Air Force is working out. So, 3 days a week Brian basically gets paid to work out (he can go in to work late). Friday was one of those days, except it was a group workout with all the people he works with. They decided to play soccer. This has never been one of Brian’s top sports, but he is athletic and competitive, so that wasn’t going to stop him. He drilled two people really hard in the face. Yes, one of them was a girl! He had his share of battle wounds though too. All in all, he had a great time. Thursday night he got all his things gathered together that he would need to shower and clean up for the day on base. He was already on base for the day. Kennedy and I were cleaning house and paying bills when we got a call from Daddy. “Do you think you can bring me something?”
I said, “Sure, what?”
He replied, “Garments.”
I started to laugh and Kennedy wanted to know what I was laughing about, so I told her. She seriously thought it was the funniest thing in the whole world. She could not stop laughing. I was afraid she was forgetting to breath. Don’t worry, we saved Daddy and brought him clean garments (underwear).
Later I was chatting with Brian about this and he said one of the guys last week forgot his razer (You HAVE to shave), and Brian was almost ready to change the head out, so he let the guy use it. So, yesterday when he forgot his garments he said (the other guy is LDS), “You know how I lent you my razer last week? I forgot my garments. Do you have a spare pair I could borrow?”
The guy told him, “Sorry, buddy you’re on your own!” Brian was just teasing- you all know that right??!!! Anyways, Kennedy and I thought it was pretty funny. Daddy’s always good for a few laughs. That’s one thing we love about him!

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  • Aaron and Camile Family

    The funniest part is that Kennedy thought it was so funny – great story!! (Random question: isn’t Brian doing attorney work for the Air Force? So, why do they have to do all this physical training and stuff? That’s cool that he gets to work out as part of his work day.)

    I love the pictures in the previous post. There are definitely similarities – Wow! The dress you made is amazing. I would be happy with myself just making pajama pants. You are so talented!

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