My new friend BOB

This is my new toy. Brian got me this nice jogging stroller to entice me to go running with him. I must admit that it is getting easier and I am starting to actually enjoy it. We are getting into quite the routine. We wake up and go running with Kennedy still in her pj’s. It’s fun family time before Brian heads to work. Kennedy loves to go fast. She cheers me on, “Go, Mommy, go.” Funny thing she doesn’t cheer her Daddy on! He doesn’t need it. It’s such a mental game for me. I get bored. It keeps me going to know that I get to run down to the water before heading home. It’s nice to watch the sun rise over the bay. I’ve been keeping track of my miles on a site called running ahead. It’s fun to see the miles add up. Brian plans to run 1,000 miles this year. I plan to run less than that!

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  • Jeff and Lea

    Hey Call Fam! That is a nice jogging stroller. Maybe I should invest in one. I bet the double ones are spendy though! Also, running in the rain doesn’t appeal to me. Talk to ya later. Lea

  • Janet

    Awesome stroller! Sounds like fun – especially the sunrise on the bay!! 🙂

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