Random things from the last few months!

My post today is a bit random, but since I haven’t posted in awhile I posted a few from November and December. We’ve had a busy few months! Today was Kennedy’s first day at church as a Sunbeam. She woke up this morning very excited to get there and go to Primary.
She was very pleased with the CTR shield necklace she wore after church. I am excited for her also! I was a bit sad that I am out of the Primary, so I couldn’t see what she is up to. I am in the Young Women’s Presidency. That will be fun also I am sure. It was nice to get to know that girls a bit more this week. I have only been in for 2 weeks now. My Wednesday nights will be filled with Mutual now. Okay, for the pictures…. This is a puffer fish that we caught when we went to the beach the first time we got in Florida. It was crazy. Grandma caught it in Kennedy’s sand bucket. We played with it and set it free after awhile. Yes, it was still alive!
This big turtle (alligator turtle-I might add) showed up on our door step Thanksgiving. Brian touched the top of the guys shell with his foot and got a great big hiss. He has a long tail- pretty gross in my opinion. Kind of neat though!
Kennedy trying on Daddy’s Battle Dress Uniform hat. This is what Daddy wears to work each day as long as we are still at war. Kennedy thinks it is pretty awesome and so do I. Besides, Bri looks so hot!
We went to the beach again on Thanksgiving. It’s one of our favorite (free) activities to do here!
This is Brian in his Blues (Dress uniform). These last ones are pictures at Officer Training graduation. He did awesome. He is doing so well and loving his new job. It really has been a nice fit for him. He even got to go flying the other night wearing night vision goggles. He went up in the air shooting targets with really big guns! Unfortunately we will lose him again to Alabama in about 1 month! Thankfully we are only about 3 hours away, so we will stay put in Florida and he will come down on the weekends- we hope!

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  • Janet

    You are having way too much fun without us! Big frowny face!! We miss you all!!

  • Erich

    Brian: Congrats on Officer Training School. I am glad to hear you are liking the post-graduation days. It sounds like quite the adventure. Florida looks AWESOME. I’m envying the sun and beaches while freezing here in sunless Grangeville 🙂 Hopefully it’s not too rough being away from family and the west. Natalie my heart goes out to you living husbandless for awhile. It passes quick enough. Anyhow I love your blog! Lots of fun.


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