No, we aren’t dead. It was so nice to have a day off! We worked hard this morning on the house and unpacking. We are making serious progress, but it’s all a process . We all needed a little time out and we had beautiful weather today. We headed to the beach. We are about 5 minutes away, so we went for a walk on the beach. It’s always just so relaxing and peaceful. We are just loving our time here! Florida is beautiful and we still can’t believe it’s January. Though earlier in the week it was like 40’s or 50’s. We were all freezing here! J/K. I think Kristen brought the cold weather with her, because she is back in Idaho today and I went jogging this morning in a tank top and we went walking on the beach. People were even body boarding! Yes, Brian has got me jogging. He got me a jogging stroller and I ran nearly 3 miles today. That’s good for me considering I haven’t worked out in nearly 8 months. I guess I am motivated for a great beach body.You can plan on us there a lot! However, I would take a pregnant belly too though!!!! No, we still aren’t pregnant!!! I promise I will post some pictures of the house for all those who have been asking! I just don’t want a bunch of brown boxes in the pictures! Tee Hee Hee! We are well and oh so happy. Hope you all are too!

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  • Janet

    What a treat!!! I keep checking just in case … and hooray!!! Your sand castle is very impressive. Jealous!!! We miss you all so much.

  • Burke family

    I am so jealous – we woke up to a blanket of snow this morning – and you are playing at the beach! Man, what a life!

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