Hi there! We are in Florida and loving it! It is so tropical and beautiful here! We are seriously in Paradise. Not to make anyone jealous, but that is a picture of our playground. The beaches here are gorgeous. They seriously look and feel like we are playing in white sugar. SO SOFT! We’ve been to the beach several times already and plan to hit them again after our Thanksgiving dinner. I will post more pictures later. We are in temp housing and have very limited internet access. It’s been a neat experience to live on the base. It’s very patriotic. Every night at 5:00 they play the National Anthem and everyone stops what they are doing. If you are driving, you stop right in the middle of the road. Pretty neat. The planes, helicopters, and jets are pretty neat too!
Brian is back with us and that makes his girls smile. We had the chance to go to Alabama to see graduation. He did so awesome, and graduated #1. He got this cool (HUGE) eagle statue and plaque. He also was the top fitness guy and several other awards. Brian seriously only left one award on the table. We were surprised, and so proud. There was a neat parade where they all marched in their uniform. Brian looks SO hot in a uniform! Kennedy was so cute. She stood for the National Anthem without being told, and put her hand on her heart. She had the biggest grin on her face. A lady near us asked how she knew that’s what she should do, and she said very enthusiastically, ” Because I love America!” We love it all so far and are so happy!
Last night Kennedy was climbing on a chair and it tipped over on a hard tile floor. She fell face first and smashed her nose. She had a bloody nose and her nose got all swollen. Daddy freaked out, but we got ice on it and he calmed down and so did Kennedy. She is doing better today, but her nose and upper lip are both still swollen and quite bruised. Then this morning she got her cereal for breakfast and was swinging it a bit. She tripped and somehow she spread cereal ALL over our place. You couldn’t have done it if you tried to! There was cereal in our beds, shoes, and everywhere! I didn’t have the heart to leave it for housekeeping! All I could do was laugh my head off! Always fun times. We are house hunting in Fort Walton Beach and are really excited about several options. Some are waterfront and others have pools, but all are close to the beaches. The shopping here is incredible. We have the nations largest outlet mall here! You have to see it to believe it! So much to catch up on! Hope everyone is well! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  • The Sandbergs

    That beach is calling my name. I’m ready to pick up and move to Florida after reading this post! Tell Brian congrats on all the awards. What an accomplishment!

  • Zach 'n' Jack

    AHH! Nat, I am SO jealous! You sure know how to rub it in, don’t you? Seriously though, it sounds awesome, and I am so sorry about poor Kennedy’s nose! I’m glad everything is going so well for you guys. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  • Tara

    It sounds gorgeous! We’re on our way! We can’t wait to come and visit! Congratulations to Brian and kisses to Kennedy. Love yall!


    I loved reading about how you guys are doing in Florida! I’m so not surprised about Brian stealing all the awards…and how cute is Kennedy and the National anthem (I almost started to cry…I’m weird like that). Good luck in Florida. My little brother will be on his mission there in a few weeks and I hope he loves it even if he can’t frolic on the beach like you guys!

  • Angie

    I’m so excited for you!! It takes a lot to get out there on your own. I know you will make friends fast!! Good luck with everything.

  • Aaron and Camile Family

    Wow! What an awesome playground! I didn’t know you guys were in Florida – congratulations! We still don’t know where we will be next year – I’m way excited to find out though. Cute pictures of your family! Check out our blog: http://www.aaronandcamile.blogspot.com

  • New Mexican Youngs

    I’m looking out the window at all the snow in the front yard and thinking that the beach sounds pretty good right now! That is so great for you guys! It makes me smile. Congratulations to Brian as well. And Kennedy, of course, is still completely darling. I’m glad things are going so well for you. And I have a favor to ask. Do you remember the web site where you made all the CD’s with the primary songs? Such a good idea. If you happen to know it, our e-mail is jacoby@vandals.uidaho.edu. Thanks Natalie. It was great to see the blog, Morgan

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