Halloween Fun!

Happy Haunting!
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Kennedy had a terrific day! She could hardly sleep last night she was so excited to be “a cute little witch” (as she says) for Halloween. First thing this morning she says to me, “Mom, do you think we can do purple hair and gold shoes too?” Unfortunately, we couldn’t make those things happen with such short notice! Seriously! She was so cute though. She loved her crimped “curls”. She kept wanting me to take a picture of her back view of her “pretty hair”. What can I say. We went to a Halloween parade at story time this morning. Kennedy got to see lots of her friends for the last time. She saw Nathan and Andrew Steadman, Griffin Brown, and Ada Bagley. She thought it was so awesome how much candy she got. I never really let her have that much and I actually let her have quite a lot today. Yes, we have been on a sugar high today. Then we went trick-or-treating at 4:00 around down town and to a few good friends/neighbors. We also went out to Red Lobster for dinner. It was fun and the food was great!
Kennedy has been asking everyone what they are going to be for Halloween and Grandpa Hatt said he was going to be her chaperon and somehow that turned into escort in her cute little mind. Not that she knows the difference. Made me giggle. She asked daddy on the phone and he told her he was going to be a soldier. That satisfied her quite well. It was such a let down for her when she had to take the witch outfit off and put pajamas on for bed. We promised not to hand out her candy to other children and so she finally settled down and fell asleep in 2 seconds. What a day! She was so much fun this year!

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  • Tara

    That’s the cutest witch I’ve ever seen! Halloween is so much fun with children! Sounds like yall had a blast!

  • The Sandbergs

    She looks adorable as usual! Halle was a witch as well. My kids are STILL pumped up on sugar!

  • Burke family

    Oh my gosh! She looks so cute! what a little doll! i can just picture her saying those things. So fun!


    Definitely a cute little witch…and a cute little mommy to do a halloween gingerbread house together! How fun! Good luck in Florida!

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