Attorney and Lieutenant Call

Well, it’s official… Brian is now a full fledged lawyer. We went to Boise, Idaho last Wednesday and Thursday for his swearing in before the Idaho Supreme Court. It was quite the day to celebrate his achievement and hard work. It was fun to celebrate with special friends also who helped us along the way. Brian is pictured with his good buddy Mark Cornelison- he is sort of family since he is the nephew of Brian’s uncle. Anyways, enough geneology. Brian and I stayed in Boise and left Kennedy in Pocatello with Grandma and Grandpa. It was so strange to be away from her. Especially be away for SO long. However, Brian and I enjoyed our time. He will be leaving here in about a week and so we are just enjoying every minute we get with him. I just want to share a funny story. While we were driving to Boise, the Air Force was also trying to make our moving arrangements. They called Brian and said, “Is Lieutenant Call there?…” Brian sat there just frozen, then a light clicked on-“this is he!” It was so strange to hear them addressing him in such a manner. Well, it made me laugh anyway. We are so happy and excited for him. I think Lieutenant Call sounds kind of sexy!

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  • Burke family

    What a cute couple! I especially love your dress Nat… looks like you found the perfect cardigan, and you look beautiful… Although you know I’m still so jealous! 🙂 hee hee Sometimes these big boobs aren’t all their cracked up to be!

  • Tara

    Congratulations! Lieutenant Call sounds so grown up! That is really such an accomplishment & we’re so excited for y’all!

  • Zachary

    awesome! Congrats to Brian and you too! It is sad we missed seeing you guys in Idaho, will you be back at christmas time? Keegan was looking at all the pictures of Kennedy on your blog today, and he saw the picture of her in her church dress. He yells out “Oh mom, kennedy got married!” in this panicked voice. LOL he was worried that she had gotten married because she was wearing a “wedding dress.” I explained that it was just her pretty church clothes. He was SO relieved. lol!!! I guess he was worried he had missed his chance!

  • Raymond

    Way to go, Lieutenant Call! So far no one has ever called me Lieutenant Pai, Captain Pai, whatsoever at work yet since it sounds comedic like something you can eat…

  • ariches

    Congrats on the assignment, you guys are brave!!!

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