Go Cougars! BYU!

Saturday was BYU Football Day! Grandma & Grandpa went to BYU’s opening game and came back with this darling BYU cheerleader outfit. Kennedy loved it! With Kennedy it is all about the outfit! She cheered and sang part of the fight song all day! We start the cougar fans young at our house! We had a pizza party while watching the game. We all have a bit of a pouty face since the game didn’t go our way, but there’s always next time! We have tickets to the BYU vs Air Force game, so that will be very fun. Kennedy loved to cheer and shout and got really into!
She’s the cutest little Cougar cheerleader ever!

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  • Shanna

    So cute! She makes a great little cheerleader. Thanks for sending me your blog. You are such a cute family. Looks like you had some pretty great adventures this summer.

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