Last Sunday Brian’s cousin blessed her baby in Rexburg, so we had a chance to go visit our old stomping grounds. We showed Kennedy where we lived while going to school at Ricks College. Kennedy thought this was fun since that is where Mommy and Daddy met. It was crazy how the campus has changed and grown since we were there. This made me feel a little old! We had the chance to see the new Rexburg temple up close. Kennedy always loves to see the temple (I do too)! It is beautiful as always. It has an interesting wheat theme to it. It is landscaped in wheat and has wheat etched in the windows. We visited “The Gardens” for some pictures. Lots of memories in Rexburg… I forgot how windy it is there!!!

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  • Burke family

    How fun to be back in Rexburg! Good memories, huh? That’s the first picture I’ve seen of that temple – pretty cool! I love the picture of Kennedy looking at the flowers. She is so beautiful!

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