Climbing the Middle Teton

Monday we went to Jackson and stayed at the cutest and nicest hotel. On the way there we ate square ice cream in Swan Valley. The hotel had an awesome indoor-outdoor pool. It had a screen you could close to make the pool blocked off all indoors. We played in Jackson and went to bed. We woke up at 5 am and drove to the Lupine Meadows to hike to the middle Teton. The views were incredible and we saw lots of wildlife…including a bear!! We climbed up..up..up..the mountain to ~13,000 ft. A storm came in as we neared the top, so we decided to head down. It rained on us as we hiked back down the mountain. The guys thought they were going to die after bouldering on the rocks for hours. Brian and Grandpa said I was just like a mountain goat. Believe it or not, I hit my 2nd wind and had all the energy in the world. GIRL POWER! Just kidding! It was so much fun! What an experience. There’s just NO way to explain it!

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  • Raymond

    Hey Brian and Natalie, thanks for the invitation to your blog. What a beautiful family it is (maybe except Brian… just kidding). You can find mine at but it’s mostly just ramblings on random and frivolous stuff. Anyways, keep in touch!

  • Burke family

    Oh! Looks so fun! I’m so sad I couldn’t come with you guys! I do love to hike!

  • Zachary

    Awesome pictures!! Kennedy is SO beautiful, I would have no problem with Zach and Brian’s idea of an arranged marriage, Keegan would be getting a beauty! Would you mind sending an invitation to my email too? Original, I know…

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