Coast is a 197 mile relay race from Mt. Hood to Seaside Oregon. The guys drove around in a van together for 2 days with little or no sleep. They lived off of Gatorade and Power Bars. Plus you have to love the honey buckets with their 1 ply toilet paper. OUCH! Brian loved it all! I personally thought I had more fun doing girl stuff with my sister Katie. We went shopping- did I mention Portland has great shopping??, made cards, and picked blackberriWe love Portland! We take every chance we can to play with Chris, Katie, and Jordan. Brian has been running a lot more, and was excited to run the Hood to Coast with Chris. I am such a wonderful wife. I allowed all this to take place over our 6th anniversary. Time flies! Hood toes to make homemade ice cream with. We picked a chick-flick to watch, but it was a bust!!! We made up for that by watching a beauty pageant and painting our toenails. Yes, we actually painted them green. Kennedy wanted them to match her skirt and thought we all MUST have them too! Then we met our guys at the beach where the race ended. I am such a beach bum. It didn’t matter that it rained on us at the beach. I loved it! At the end of our trip we even met up with some of our friends we haven’t seen in WAY too long! Zach and Jackie have a cute little boy about Kennedy’s age. Kennedy is still talking about him! They made friends pretty fast! In fact, after loading her up on the back of his big wheel, he announced to his dad that he was going to give Kennedy his cowboy boots because she was cute! They shared fruit snacks and smoochies! Always a great time in Portland!

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