Hiking and Ice Skating

While in Hailey/Ketchum/Sun Valley, we went hiking to Adam’s Gulch. It was beautiful, and peaceful. However, I think it is one of those hikes that never ends. You could hike across the country on it … I am pretty sure. Eventually, we just had turn around and go back. We got back to the car just in time for it to start raining. Close call. I wore a big blister on the back of my heel, so Grandpa said I needed to shop for some new hiking shoes since we are hiking the middle Teton mountain in a few weeks. Not such a bad deal if you ask me!

Another day we spent up in Sun Valley going through the shops and ice skating. It was such fun. It was Kennedy’s first time on the ice. She did a really good job. I think she is pretty coordinated if you ask me. Of course I think everything she does is brilliant. I’m sure it is though! Kennedy really got the hang of it when a little girl told her she liked her cute costume. Brian and I explained to her that ice skaters get to wear fancy outfits with sparkles and all. She liked that. She’s a lot like her mother- it’s all about the outfit!

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