Biking and Ice Caves!

The bike paths in the area are great. Our hotel had bikes you could rent for free. We did this a couple evenings. We rode lots of miles. Tara, I think I finally wore off my “Texas pie thigh”! Our last night out we decided to go off the normal paths and ride up a canyon. It was up way the whole way up, but we were rewarded with unbelievable huge houses! We even think we saw the computer geek off of Alias working in his yard! What more could you ask for??

The week had come to an end and we stopped at the Shoshone Ice Caves on our way back to Pocatello. I had gone there as a little girl, but it was a while ago. It was fun to return there. The ice caves had melted in the the 40’s, but were finally restored in the 60’s. The cave is about 25-30 degrees, so we wore our jackets. It was fun coming from the heat to the cold. Inside they had a wooden walkway that was a few inches above the ice. The cave is sealed of and just has a door that lets you in. Legend has it that the Indian Princess Edahow was buried in the ice mass withing the cave. I sure hope that some summer guide doesn’t forget to close the door!

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  • Burke family

    What mom didn’t go biking?! Oh yeah, I remember her last biking experience! Never again! 🙂 hee hee

  • Janet

    Yea – did you check out the padded seats they had on the bikes they rode!!?? Hello!!! That is what I needed!!

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