Today we took a little trip to the city of rocks for a fun adventure. We climbed around the rocks and had a fun picnic there. The granite rocks, mountains and peaks are in excess of sixty stories tall and 2.5 billion years old. The smooth granite faces are great for rock climbing. Brian didn’t have his climbing shoes, so that limited a little what you could climb. However, we still had plenty to climb and explore. We climbed the famous Bath tub rock, and then moved on to other rocks. Kennedy loved the rocks. She was a little mountain goat and a dare devil. Brian has two adventurous girls on his hands! We are hard to keep under control! It was a fun day and always nice to go somewhere different! On the way home we stopped for ice cream! That’s always a family favorite!

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  • Tara

    Sounds like the fun never ends at Grandma’s house! Kennedy sure is a cutie! We just wish we could be there having fun with her, too!

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