Misc. FUN!

Kennedy wanted to hold Baby J, but was suprised at how big he was. She loved to smother him.

YUMMY! Homemade icecream… What a treat. Kennedy is such a big helper!

Grandma luvs! What could be better!

Kennedy couldn’t get enough of her, “Lovey boy, punky, guy”. She loved to watch everything he did and help when she could! What a good sport he was. He only threw up in her hair once. Obviously it wasn’t gross enough to her to make her stay away!

One of the things that we love to do was go deer walking. There is a nice path that is know for seeing deer. We saw quite a few. Kennedy thought it was pretty interesting to look through the binoculars. It was really fun this year to see moose 4 times! We even saw a mommy and her baby.
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