MEDIEVAL TIMES Dinner and Tournament

What a fun time. We went to a fancy dinner. We took ourselves back to the Medieval times where we had an authentic feast including NO silverware! We all had a knight that had a color (the same color as our crown) that we cheered on. Our knight was green and we cheered him on through all his battles and competitions. The dinner was yummy and the show was great. I think my sister-in-law now thinks I am a bit crazy. I cheered so loud and got into it. They used real horses that were just beautiful and did some really neat tricks. It was quite the night.

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  • Tara

    I didn’t think you were crazy- just fun! We sure enjoyed having yall here! Love y’all!

  • bc call

    It sounds like the Green Knight is giving me some competition. I better get this bar stuff out of the way so I can come rescue my princesses.

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