4th of July celebrations

Jer and Tara’s neighborhood had a fun little picnic. We had a BBQ and had fun games and the kids had neat playground toys. They even had a big blow up tramp. The kids had a blast. Kennedy had cotton candy for the first time and thought it was great. (She was on a sugar buzz later!) The flood gates opened and the rain just came pouring down! We ran to our car as fast as we could! We went to the city fireworks which almost got rained out. All concerts and activities got rained out though. It was just muddy and I got eaten alive by the man eating bugs in Texas. They say everything in Texas a bigger… it’s true! We had a wonderful time and Kennedy sang twinkle twinkle little star the whole time as she ohh and awed at the fireworks. She thought they were all just “so beautiful”. We created some great memories!

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