Well, Kennedy has been in a funk for about 2 days. First, we left Daddy, and then Grandpa had to leave right after we got to Pocatello for Youth Conference. She was just a sad for days. I had a hair appointment last night to get my hair cut. Kennedy was so sad that I almost left her home. Little did I know that taking her to the salon would cure her. Kennedy had cut her hair about a month ago. As you can imagine, it wasn’t that great. After I cut my hair I had them cut her hair also. She loved it! The faces she made in the mirror were such a kick. I chopped a ton off and donated it to locks of love. I had never done that before, but this was a major cut for me.

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  • Tara

    What BEAUTIFUL girls! I love your hair! It looks great and so healthy! I always love to get a haircut. Makes me feel rejuvenated or something. Love y’all!

  • bc call

    WOW! Now those are some hot girls. It looks like the scissors did just what they were paid to do. I love it! Thanks for the fun pictures.

  • bc call

    Oh yeah, and Kennedy I really love your tennis outfit. Daddy can’t wait to play some tennis with you and Mommy.

  • Burke family

    Ooooh! You’re hair looks so pretty! And so does Kennedy’s! And hey, that shirt looks a lot like mine – you got it after all. Now we can be twinners. And Kennedy looks adorable in her tennis outfit. Man, I miss you guys!

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